Buddha Quotes That Can Change Your Life

Gautama Buddha, the messenger of peace, love, harmony, acceptance and enlightenment spoke so many valuable buddha quotes that we can practice in our life.

Quotes by famous people are not only a collection of meaningful words. The famous people quotes like buddha quotes are the ones who have achieved a milestone in their life. They are respected and admired worldwide for their unbelievable achievements. 

Following their footsteps and their words can lead to success and ultimate happiness. Among the famous people worldwide, who can forget Buddha.

The Buddha took birth in the Shakya clan. It is said that when Gautama Buddha took birth, his father, the king of the clan called saints and astrologers to name his beloved new-born child.

Saints and astrologers from many countries arrived in the ceremony to suggest the name of the divine baby. After observing the new-born baby of the king, 90% of the saints and philosopher predicted that the new-born child of the king has the qualities to become a great saint of the era.

10% said that the child could become a great King too, but a 12 year old astrologer Kudana said that he is 100% percent sure that the king’s new-born child will become a saint and will leave all the materialistic desires for a higher purpose.

The King got worried, because that was the only son he had. He wanted his son to be the great ruler but after listening the advises from all the intellectuals he got worried.

The King asked everyone for the advises to protect his beloved child from being a sanyasi or saint in the future. Intellectuals gave lots of advises to the king to protect his child.

King listened to their advises very carefully and started following them. For various seasons he constructed Palace at different regions so that Gautama Buddha couldn’t feel the change of the season. 

No old age person was allowed to be seen near buddha, even old leaves in the garden was removed from the garden immediately, and many more activities were adopted so that buddha didn’t notice any sign of senescence. 

But one day it happened. Gautama Buddha became adult and had to participate in a ceremony that was necessary for the young prince. His father, the king ordered everyone in the village that old age person or diseased person or any saint should not be seen when Buddha crosses the village to participate in the ceremony.

Siddhartha sat on the Horse cart and his chariot started riding the horses towards the destination. But suddenly Siddhartha, the Buddha saw a old man walking. Buddha ordered his chariot to stop and asked why the old man is bowing like this?

The chariot told everything about ageing to buddha and they moved ahead. The next encounter was very surprising for buddha and it changed everything. He saw four men carrying a dead body. 

For the first time in his life, buddha witnessed death. Lots of questions started appearing in his mind. He ordered his chariot to go back in the palace. From that moment everything changed. He became a monk and left everything for the search of truth.  

There are lots of wonderful pages in the life of buddha, his sayings and teachings are life changing and is effective in our time too. After enlightenment buddha travelled many places by spreading his message.

Quotes by buddha changed and transformed many lives on this earth. From sadness to happiness, from hatred to love, from disturbed mind to a peaceful mind, buddha quotes is the solution. Quotes by famous people are that’s why very effective because they have a deep and meaningful story behind them. Read more effective and powerful quotes by famous people like buddha quotes here.

Quotes By Buddha

“One Day You Will Be At The Place You Always Wanted To Be. Don’t Stop Believing.”

— Buddha

“A Disciplined Mind Bring Happiness.”

— Buddha

“One Day You Will Realise That The Damages Being Done To You Are Your Own Karma.”


“If You Truly Love Yourself Then You Cannot Hurt Anyone Else.”


“Do Not Dwell In The Past, Do Not Dream Of The Future, Concentrate Your Mind On The Present Moment.”


“True Love Is Born From Understandings.”

— Buddha

“The Best Way To Avoid Disappointment is to not except anything from anyone.”


“The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time.”


“It Doesn’t Matter How Tough Your Past Was. You Can Always Start Again.”


“Avoid Evil Deeds As The Man Who Loves Life Avoids Poison.”


“Work At Your Own Capacity. Do Not Depends On Others.”


“You Will Not Be Punished For Your Anger But You Will Be Punished By Your Anger.”


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